Report Number Date Title Committee/Author
150 2016 People with Mental Illness in the Criminal Justice System: Answering a Cry For Help Committee on Psychiatry and the Community
149 2012 Careers A Brainwise Guide to Finding Fulfillment At Work (Epublished) And Organizations Committee on Work
148 2011 Disaster Psychiatry: Readiness, Evaluation, and Treatment Stoddard F, Pandya A, and Katz C American Psychiatric Publishing, Inc., Washington, DC Disaster and Terrorism
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146 2010 Psychotherapy Is Worth It: A Comprehensive Review of Its Cost-Effectiveness Edited by Susan Lazar, M.D. American Psychiatric Publishing, Inc., Washington, DC Psychotherapy
145 2002 Cultural Assessment in Clinical Psychiatry Cultural Psychiatry
144 2000 Homosexuality and the Mental Health Profession: The Impact of Bias The Analytic Press Human Sexuality
143 1999 In the Long Run: A Longitudinal Study Of Psychopathology in Children Child Psychiatry
142 1998 Addiction Treatment Avoiding Pitfalls: A Case Approach Addictions Committee
140 1996 Adolescent Suicide Adolescence
141 1996 Alcoholism in the United States: Racial and Ethnic Considerations Cultural Psychiatry
139 1995 Mental Health in Remote Rural Developing Areas: Concepts and Cases Therapeutic Care
138 1994 Introduction to Occupational Psychiatry Psychiatry in Industry
137 1994 Forced Into Treatment: The Role of Coercion in Clinical Practice Government Policy
136 1993 Resident’s Guide to Treatment of People With Chronic Mental Illness Psychiatry and the Community
135 1993 Caring for People With Physical Impairment: The Journey Back Handicaps
132 1992 Leaders and Followers: A Psychiatric Perspective on Religious Cults Psychiatry and Religion
134 1992 Beyond Symptom Suppression: Improving Long-Term Outcomes of Schizophrenia Psychopathology
133 1992 Psychotherapy in the Future Therapy
131 1991 The Mental Health Professional And the Legal System Psychiatry and Law
130 1990 Psychotherapy with College Students College Students
129 1990 A Casebook in Psychiatric Ethics Medical Education
126 1989 How Old is Enough?: The Ages of Rights and Responsibilities Child Psychiatry
128 1989 Suicide and Ethnicity in the United States Cultural Psychiatry
127 1989 Psychiatric Prevention and the Family Life Cycle: Risk Reduction by Frontline Practitioners Preventive Psychiatry
125 1988 The Psychiatric Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease Aging
122 1987 Psychiatry and the Mental Health Professionals: New Roles for Changing Times Governmental Agencies
124 1987 Speaking Out for Psychiatry A Handbook for Involvement With the Mass Media Public Education
123 1987 Us and Them: The Psychology Ethnonationalism International Relations
121 1987 Interactive Fit: A Guide to Nonpsychotic Chronic Patients Psychopathology
119 1986 A Family Affair: Helping Families Cope with Mental Illness - A Guide for the Professions Psychiatry and the Community
120 1986 Teaching Psychotherapy in Contemporary Psychiatric Residency Training Therapy
118 1986 Crises of Adolescence - Teenage Pregnancy: Impact on Adolescent Development Adolescence
117 1985 The Family, the Patient, and the Psychiatric Hospital: Toward a New Model Family
116 1984 Research and the Complex Causality of the Schizophrenias Research
114 1983 Mental Health and Aging: Approaches to Curriculum Development Aging
115 1983 Friends and Lovers in the College Years College Student
113 1983 Community Psychiatry: A Reappraisal Psychiatry and the Community
112 1982 The Child and Television Drama Social Issues
111 1982 The Process of Child Therapy Child Psychiatry
110 1982 The Positive Aspects of Long Term Hospitalization in the Public Sector for Chronic Psychiatric Patients Psychopathology
109 1982 Job Loss – A Psychiatric Perspective Psychiatry in Industry
108 1982 A Survival Manual for Medical Students Medical Education
107 1981 INTERFACES: A Communications Casebook for Mental Health Decision Makers Mental Health Services
105 1980 Mental Health and Primary Medical Care Preventive Pscychiatric
106 1980 Divorce, Child Custody and the Family Family
104 1979 Psychiatric Consultation in Mental Retardation Mental Retardation
101 1978 Power and Authority in Adolescence: The Origins and Resolutions of Intergenerational Conflict Adolescence
103 1978 Self-Involvement in the Middle East Conflict International Relations
102 1978 The Chronic Mental Patient in the Community Psychiatry and the Community
100 1978 Psychotherapy and Its Financial Feasibility Within the National Health Care System Therapy
97 1977 Mysticism: Spiritual Quest or Psychic Disorder? Psychiatry and Religion
99 1977 What Price Compensation? Psychiatry in Industry
98 1977 Psychiatry and Sex Psychopath Legislation: The 30s to the 80s Psychiatry and Law
96 1976 Recertification: A Look at the Issues Recertification Ad hoc Committee on
93 1975 Pharmacotherapy and Psychotherapy: Paradoxes, Problems and Progress Research
95 1975 The Effect of the Method of Payment on Mental Health Care Practice Governmental Agencies
94 1975 The Psychiatrist and Pubic Welfare Agencies Psychiatry and the Community
92 1975 The Educated Woman: Prospects and Problems College Student
90 1974 Problems of Psychiatric Leadership Therapy
91 1974 The Community Worker: A Response to Human Need Therapeutic Care
89 1974 Misuse of Psychiatry in the Criminal Courts: Competency to Stand Trial Psychiatry and Law
84 1973 The Joys and Sorrows of Parenthood Public Education
88 1973 Assessment of Sexual Function: A Guide to Interviewing Medical Education
87 1973 From Diagnosis to Treatment: An Approach to Treatment Planning for the Emotionally Disturbed Child Child Psychiatry
86 1973 Humane Reproduction Preventive Psychiatry
85 1973 The Welfare System and Mental Health Psychiatry and Social Work
83 1973 The VIP With Psychiatric Impairment Governmental Agencies
82 1972 Crisis in Child Mental Health: A Critical Assessment Ad Hoc Committee
81 1971 The Aged and Community Mental Health: A Guide to Program Development Aging
80 1970 Drug Misuse: A Psychiatric View of a Modern Dilemma Mental Health Services
79 1970 Toward a Public Policy on Mental Health of the Elderly Aging
78 1970 The Field of Family Therapy Family
77 1970 Toward Therapeutic Care (2nd Edition-R-51 rev.) Therapeutic Care
76 1970 The Case History Method in the Study of Family Process Family
75 1969 The Right to Abortion: A Psychiatric View Psychiatry and Law
71 1969 On Psychotherapy and Casework Psychiatry and Social Work
72 1969 Crisis in Psychiatric Hospitalization Therapeutic Care
73 1969 Psychotherapy and the Dual Research Tradition Therapy
74 1969 The Psychiatrist and Public Issues International Relations
68 1968 Normal Adolescence Adolescence
70 1968 The Nonpsychotic Alcoholic Patient and The Mental Hospital Mental Health Services
69 1968 The Dimensions of Community Psychiatry Preventive Psychiatry
67 1968 The Psychic Function of Religion in Mental Illness and Health Psychiatry and Religion
65 1967 The Recruitment and Training of the Research Psychiatrist Psychopathology
66 1967 Mild Mental Retardation: A Growing Challenge to the Physician Mental Retardation
64 1967 Education for Community Psychiatry Medical Education
62 1966 Psychopathological Disorders in Childhood: Theoretical Considerations and a Proposed Classification Child Psychiatry
63 1966 Psychiatric Research and the Assessment of Change Research
61 1966 Laws Governing Hospitalization of the Mentally Ill Psychiatry and Law
60 1965 Sex and the College Student College Student
59 1965 Psychiatry and the Aged: Introductory Approach Aging
58 1964 Medical Practice and Psychiatry: The Impact of Changing Demands Public Education
57 1964 Psychiatric Aspects of the Prevention of Nuclear War Social Issues
56 1963 Mental Retardation: A Family Crisis-The Therapeutic Role of the Physician Mental Retardation
55 1963 Public Relations: A Responsibility of the Mental Hospital Administrator Hospitals
53 1962 Psychiatrists as Teachers in Schools of Social Work Psychiatry and Social Work
54 1962 The Preclinical Teaching of Psychiatry Medical Education
52 1962 The College Experience: A Focus for Psychiatric Research College Student
50 1961 Problems of Estimating Changes in Frequency of Mental Disorders Preventive Psychiatry
51 1961 Toward Therapeutic Care: A Guide for Those Who Work With the Mentally Ill Therapeutic Care
49 1961 Reports in Psychotherapy: Initial Interviews Therapy
7A 1960 Emotional Aspects of School Desegregation Social Issues (an Abbreviated and less technical Version of Report No. 37)
48 1960 Psychiatry and Religion: Some Steps Toward Mutual Understanding and Usefulness Psychiatry and Religion
47 1960 Preventive Psychiatry in the Armed Forces: With Some Implications For Civilian Use Governmental Agencies
46 1960 Administration of the Public Psychiatric Hospital Hospitals
45 1960 Confidentiality and Privileged Communication in the Practice of Psychiatry Psychiatry and Law
44 1960 The Psychiatrist and His Roles in a Mental Health Association Public Education
43 1959 Basic Considerations in Mental Retardation: A Preliminary Report Mental Retardation
42 1959 Some Observations on Controls in Psychiatric Research Research
41 1958 Working Abroad: A Discussion of Psychological Attitudes and Adaptation in New Situations International Relations
40 1958 Small Group Teaching in Psychiatry for Medical Students Medical Education
39 1958 The Psychiatrist’s Interest in Leisure-Time Activities Public Education
38 1958 The Diagnostic Process in Child Psychiatry Child Psychiatry
37 1957 Psychiatric Aspects of School Desegregation Social Issues
36 1957 The Person with Epilepsy at Work Psychiatry in Industry
34 1956 The Consultant Psychiatrist in a Family Service Agency Psychiatry and Social Work
35 1956 The Psychiatrist in Mental Health Education: Suggestions on Collaboration with Teachers Public Education
33 1955 Therapeutic Use of the Self (A Concept for Teaching Patient Care) Psychiatric Nursing
32 1955 Considerations on Personality Development in College Students College Student
31 1955 Trends and Issues in Psychiatric Residency Programs Medical Education
26 1954 Criminal Responsibility and Psychiatric Expert Testimony Psychiatry and Law
25 1954 Collaborative Research in Psychopathology Psychopathology
24 1954 Control and Treatment of Tuberculosis in Mental Hospitals Hospitals
30 1954 Report on Homosexuality With Particular Emphasis on This Problem in Governmental Agencies Governmental Agencies
29 1954 The Psychiatrist in Mental Health Education Public Education
28 1954 The Use of Psychiatrists in Government in Relation to International Problems International Relations
27 1954 Integration and Conflict in Family Behavior Family (Reissued in 1968 as No. 27A)
23 1953 Outline to Be Used as a Guide to the Evaluation of Treatment in a Public Psychiatric Hospital Hospitals
22 1952 The Psychiatric Nurse in the Mental Hospital Psychiatric Nursing - Committee on Hospitals
21 1952 The Contribution of Child Psychiatry to Pediatric Training and Practice Child Psychiatry
18 1951 Promotion of Mental Health in the Primary and Secondary Schools: An Evaluation of Four Projects Preventive Psychiatry
20 1951 The Application of Psychiatry to Industry Psychiatry in Industry
19 1951 Introduction to the Psychiatric Aspects Of Civil Defense Governmental Agencies
17 1951 The Role of Psychiatrists in Colleges and Universities Academic Education
11 1950 The Position of Psychiatrists in the Field of International Relations International Relations
16 1950 Psychiatric Social Work in the Psychiatric Clinic Psychiatry and Social Work
15 1950 Revised Electro-Shock Therapy Report Therapy
14 1950 The Problem of the Aged Patient in the Public Psychiatry Hospital Hospitals
13 1950 The Social Responsibility of Psychiatry: A Statement of Orientation Social Issues
12 1950 Basic Concepts in Child Psychiatry Child Psychiatry
10 1950 Psychiatrically Deviated Sex Offenders Forensic Psychiatry
8 1949 An Outline for Evaluations of a Community Program in Mental Hygiene Cooperation with Lay Groups
9 1949 The Relation of Clinical Psychology To Psychiatry Clinical Psychology
7 1949 Statistics Pertinent to Psychiatry In the United States Hospitals
2 1948 The Psychiatric Social Worker In the Psychiatric Hospital Psychiatric Social Work
6 1948 Research on Prefrontal Lobotomy Research
5 1948 Public Psychiatric Hospitals Hospitals
4 1948 Commitment Procedures Forensic Psychiatry
3 1948 Report on Medical Education Medical Education
1 1947 Shock Therapy Therapy