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 Committee Chair

Barbara Long

The Cotswold-Looney Fellowship, funded by benefactor I Wistar Morris, continues to help our committee advance its goals. Our first Fellow, Sean Sassano-Higgins, M.D., is now a member of our committee. Benjamin Hunter, M.D., our second Fellow, is now a committee Guest and is an integral part of our current work. Christopher Flinton, M.D., our third and current Fellow, assisted in the final draft of our 2018 book, and is also contributing to our work.

Having published Psychiatry of Workplace Dysfunction--Tools for Mental Health Professionals, Managers, and Employees in 2018 (Oxford University Press), our committee is starting a new project: a series of short articles for Psychiatric Times on the topic of Disability.The photos show our committee with Oxford University Press representative Andrea Knobloch, our benefactor, and our 2018 book.


Barbara Long, M.D., Ph.D., Chair, Andrew O. Brown, M.D., David Morrison, III, M.D., Sean Sassano-Higgins, M.D.

Committee Guest
Benjamin Hunter, M.D.

Christopher T. Flinton, M.D.


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