Arts & Humanity

 Committee Chair
Committee Chair
David Sasso

Developed a survey for GAP members on using the arts within therapy. Will send out survey at next meeting. Fellow collected four case vignettes on the uses of the arts in treatment, working on developing these into a case series for publication. Will collect and display GAP member-created artwork at the Fall 2015 GAP meeting.

Working on a series of videos on the history of psychiatry. Working on “Ancient origins of psychiatry” and “Psychiatry in the 20th century.” The 20th century module will feature clips from GAP members. Doing scripts/narration for these modules and filming them.

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John David Cahill, Andrew Lustbader, John Tamerin, Milton Kramer, Donald Fidler, Alan Gruenberg, John Lipkin, Johan Verhulst, Robert Larson, , Alexander Westphal, Anish Dube

Fellow Guest
Adam Stern

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