Written on November 15, 2015
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We are deeply saddened by the unfathomable losses and terrible events in Paris. We stand in solidarity and ready to offer assistance in any way.

The Disasters and the World Committee, the Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry, contact:


GAP Disaster Psychiatry Blog #1: Climate Change and Mental Health: One Psychiatrist’s Journey

Written on August 30, 2016

Elizabeth Haase, MD 8/23/2016

“She just beats on her dolls over and over and tells me how much she wants me to die….”. Anna Ervolina is crying freely for our camera. She is describing her nine year-old daughter’s continuing symptoms five years after Hurricane Sandy flooded their small Rockaway home. The house is still boarded, with mold lining the shingles. We are touring the house itself for our film on the mental health impacts of climate change on children. Myself, a psychiatrist, and my partners, environmentalist Jessica Haller and film director Jon Felix, set out to explore what this impact may be.



A Psychiatrist’s Role on a Community Police Commission

Written on August 11, 2016

“James had been up all night pacing and cursing, and was becoming increasingly angry at me when I suggested he take his medication. I was getting scared. When his father was alive we could manage him together, but now that he’s gone and I’m in my 70’s, sometimes it is just too much. So I called the police. I just wanted them to take him to the hospital, so he could get back on his meds and get stabilized.  But when the police came, they had their guns drawn and tackled him to the ground and handcuffed him. I’ll never forget the look he gave me as they yanked him out the door, there was such pain and betrayal in his eyes.”

James’ ...



Written on November 10, 2016

1.     What is a blog?

Blog” is a shortening of “web log”, and is a form of high volume, shorter length (typically 500-1000 words with variability) ranging in quality from very high to...