• Bring together top psychiatrists across all disciplines
  • Offer an objective, critical perspective on current issues facing psychiatry
  • Develop smart analysis and recommendations
  • Shape psychiatric thinking, clinical practice, and mental health programs
  • Advocate for necessary changes in the psychiatric field
  • Inspire the next generation of leading psychiatric thinkers


GAP is a think tank of top psychiatric minds whose thoughtful analysis and recommendations serve to influence and advance modern psychiatric theory and practice.


  • Respect – Value all psychiatric disciplines and related fields as well as private and public institutions
  • Honor – Dignify founders of the organization and all current members
  • Openness - Encourage new thinking across psychiatric fields
  • Quality – Deliver smart suggestions to improve current thinking and standard of care
  • Altruism - Strive for greater good of society
  • Diversity – Recognize the importance of inclusiveness
  • Independence – Foster clear thinking, free from outside influence
  • Leadership – Address emerging issues facing psychiatry, even if controversial

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