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American Association of Community Psychiatrists
American Association of Community Psychiatrists

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Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry


Over the past five decades, GAP has published a variety of books, reports, and journal papers which have been developed by the GAP committees.

Position papers, articles, and books by GAP

GAP publications are available from the publisher, American Psychiatric Publishing, Inc., unless otherwise noted.

Below is a very abbreviated list that gives a sense of the relevance of GAP products written over the years. A archive of a more complete listing of publications (including many downloadable items) is available here.

Mental Health Problems in Assisted Living Residents
Short Report 23, 2002, Geriatrics, Volume 58, No. 2. Committee on Aging.

Responsibility and Choice in Addiction
Short Report 22, 2002, Psychiatric Services, Volume 53, No. 6. Committee on Addictions.

Reexamination of Therapist Self Disclosure
Short Report 19, 2001, Psychiatric Services, Volume 52, Number 11. Committee on Psychopathology.

Failure to Adequately Detect Suicidal Intent in Elderly Patients in the Primary Care Setting
Short Report 17, 2001, Clinical Geriatrics, Volume 9, Number 7. Committee on Aging.

Schizophrenia and Older Adults an Overview: Directors for Research and Policy
Short Report 16, 2000, American Journal of Geriatrics, 8:1. Committee on Aging.

Violent Behavior in Children and Youth: Preventive Intervention From A Psychiatric Perspective
Short Report 15, 1999, American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

Cultural Assessment in Clinical Psychiatry
GAP Report 145, 2001. Formulated by the Committee on Cultural Psychiatry.
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Homosexuality and the Mental Health Professions: The Impact of Bias
GAP Report A2 (144), 2000). Formulated by the Committee on Human Sexuality.

In the Long Run … Longitudinal Studies of Psychopathology in Children
GAP Report 143, 1999. Formulated by the Committee on Child Psychiatry.
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Adolescent Suicide
GAP Report 140, 1996. Formulated by the Committee on Adolescence.
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Forced into Treatment: The Role of Coercion in Clinical Practice
GAP Report 137, 1994. Formulated by the Committee on Government Policy.
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Caring for People with Physical Impairment: The Journey Back
GAP Report 135, 1992. Formulated by the Committee on Handicaps.
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Leaders and Followers: A Psychiatric Perspective on Religious Cults
GAP Report 132, 1992. Formulated by the Committee on Psychiatry and Religion.
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Psychiatric Prevention and Family Life Cycle: Risk Reduction by Frontline Practitioners
GAP Report 127, 1989. Formulated by the Committee on Preventive Psychiatry.

Speaking Out for Psychiatry: A Handbook for Involvement with the Mass Media
GAP Report 124, 1987. Formulated by the Committee on Public Education

Us and Them: The Psychology of Ethnonationalism
GAP Report 123, 1987. Formulated by the Committee on International Relations.

The Joys and Sorrows of Parenthood
GAP Report 84, 1974. Formulated by the Committee on Public Education.

Survival Manual for Medical Students
GAP Report 108, 1982. Formulated by the Committee on Medical Education.

The Psychiatric Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease
GAP Report 125, 1988, Formulated by the Committee on Aging


Look for other publications regarding addiction, schizophrenia and bipolar illness.

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